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Tabriz Alishah citadel

Tabriz Alishah citadel is about seven hundred years old and is one of the oldest and tallest historical walls in Iran, which is now about 26 meters high.

The original construction of the citadel dates back to the eighth century AH, which was built by order of Tajuddin Alisha Gilani, Minister of the Ilkhanate. As it is known, at first, a large building was created with the initial purpose of building a mosque, which remained unfinished. Then in the following years, using the walls left from this mosque, a military fortress was built, which was used for years as a military fort and ammunition and grain storage. During Qajar period, with the beginning of Iran-Russia wars and Iran-Britain war, under the command of Abbas Mirza, the Qajar crown prince, a barracks, a war headquarters of the Iranian army and a factory were built in the area of Alisha citadel. The pergola mansion was also added to the area during Qajar period. Over time, for various reasons, including the occupation of Tabriz by Russian forces, earthquakes, etc., the buildings in this complex were destroyed. Today, only the southern wall of the citadel remains open, which is open to tourists during the day for travelers to the region from East Azerbaijan Province. Mortar and stone materials have been used to build Alishah Citadel in Tabriz, which is one of the masterpieces of Iranian architecture. According to experts, each wall of the citadel is about 7 meters underground. The building of Alishah Citadel in Tabriz and its ancient site have been registered in the list of national monuments of Iran on January 6, 1961 with the number 170. To visit this historical monument and other attractions of East Azerbaijan province, you can join the tourist tours of Persian trips group.

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