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Tomb of Shams Tabrizi

Shams Tabrizi tomb is one of the most beautiful and effective buildings in attracting domestic and foreign tourists to Khoy city, which is located a few dozen kilometers from the Turkey border. This mausoleum consists of a court and a 17-meter minaret that has lasted for 700 years (the only remnant of 3 minarets). There is still doubt in attributing this place to Shams Tabrizi, but the reliable documents of Turkish and Iranian sources leave no doubt.

Do you know Shams Tabrizi?

Shams Tabrizi was a travel-loving Sufi who was born in Tabriz (1185 AD) and died in Khoy (1248 AD). The name of Shams Tabrizi is tied to the name of Jalaluddin Mohammad Rumi (Maulana), a man who, with his trip to Konya, turned Rumi from a religious cleric into a mystic infatuated with the spiritual traits of Shams; nonetheless, this mystical relationship led to the distance between Shams and Rumi.


Why should we travel to the tomb of Shams Tabrizi?

* You travel to the cold and mountainous region of northwestern Iran. * You visit Khoy city with more than 50 historical and natural places. * You get familiar with one of the most beautiful examples of Iranian-Islamic architecture, belonging to the Middle Ages of Islam. * You have a chance to see a minaret with the image of a wild ram being hunted by the king, the ram's horn has become the whole decoration of the minaret. * You can visit the grave of a pious Sufi who changed one of the most famous Iranian poets' life, Rumi.


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