Sardar Asaad Bakhtiari Palace

Sardar Asaad Bakhtiari Palace

The palace of Sardar Asaad Bakhtiari, also known as the Historic Castle of Junqan, is located in the city of Junqan in Farsan city in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province.

The castle was built in the late Qajar period by Sardar Asaad Bakhtiari on the summer residence of his father Hossein Qoli Khan Bakhtiari. He was one of the educated heads of Bakhtiari constitutionalists and the commander of the conquerors of Tehran during the constitutional revolution in Iran. It is said that Sardar Asaad built this palace with the aim of establishing trade agreements with Britain, as well as the supervision of Bakhtiari Khans on the implementation of these agreements in addition to the planning and decision-making of the Constitutional Revolution. Sardar Asaad Bakhtiari Palace which was built based on European style was registered as a national site in 1977.

Architecture of Junqan Historical Castle

Junqan Historical Castle, which was influenced by European castles, was built in two floors. The upper floor, also known as the royal residence, has a porch with stone columns on three sides: north, south and east. In each of the north, south and east porches, there are six double columns, which are decorated with carvings of geometric patterns and multi-colored flowers. The western side of the porch, which has no column, is a uniform wall with simple brickwork. Inside Sardar Asaad Bakhtiari palace, plaster and mirror decorations have been used; its gable roof has been covered with wooden boards. The wooden doors of the building are also decorated with mosaics and metalwork with beautiful designs. The basement, probably used by servants, was built at a depth of one meter from the floor; the decoration of the rooms on this floor is limited to simple plastering on the ceiling. It is said that the courtyard of this palace was much bigger in the past; moreover, there were large gardens around it, which were destroyed due to changes and constructions. Now, a beautiful portico, a large swimming pool and a building with a luxurious “Shahneshin” remain from the Historical Castle of Junqan.

This building is one of the prominent attractions of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province; those who are interested in visiting this attraction can participate in Persian Trips tours.

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