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chaleshtar castle in Chaharmahal

Chaleshtor Castle, which is a magnificent structure in terms of architecture and sculptural art in Iran, is located five kilometers west of Shahr-e kord. The castle is a combination of Qajar and European architecture.

This castle is located in Chaleshtor area with an area of 12,000 square meters. This complex is also known as Qaleh Khani, Sotoudeh Chaleshtor House and the historical house of Khoda Rahm Ikhan. Chaleshtor Castle in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari was built by Khoda Rahm Chaleshtori in two parts as a castle for his sons Ahmad Khan and Mahmud Khan. According to an inscription written on one of the capitals of the house, the construction of the building was completed in 1903. This building was registered as one of the national monuments of Iran on August 17, 1998, number 2101. The complex now has three bath museums, an anthropology museum and a stone museum.

History of Chaleshtor castle's architecture

Chaleshtor historical castle is one of the oldest residential buildings in Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province and has three different architectural periods from the Zandieh period to the contemporary period. Chaleshtor historical complex includes Qala Khan, Sotoudeh house, Ishaqi house, Azadeh house, Gale dari house, Talebzadeh house, isolated house and mosque. The castle of this historical complex has a porch, large porches and 38 stone pillars. Sotoudeh house has two floors and has two parts, outside and inside. The first floor was used as a warehouse. The bedrooms, living room and reception hall were on the second floor of the building.
The most beautiful part of this building is the painting room or the royal residence, which is decorated with paintings with different stories. The decorations used in the building include mythological motifs, human, plant and animal motifs. The motifs have themes such as the life stories of Layla and Majnoon, Khosrow and Shirin, Joseph and Zuleika, and themes such as flowers, chickens, lions, winged angels, and so on. These designs have been skillfully and beautifully created and in some cases have been embossed. The carved inscriptions in the building are also among the decorations and beauties of this building. The inner roof of the castle is decorated with walnut frames. The doors and windows of the rooms are made of porcelain knots with walnut wood. The plasterins used in the building is also among the beautiful decorations of Chaleshtor Castle.
Chaleshtor castle's Bath
Chaleshtor Castle complex has a private brick bathroom with 202 square meters of foundation and beautiful columns. This bathroom has access to two central courtyards. The bath of Chaleshtor Castle is similar to other old public baths and consists of different parts of architecture. One of them is a one-meter-high staircase decorated with seven-color tiles with Islamic motifs in turquoise and milk. The middle door, a greenhouse, a hot and cold water tank, a prayer hall and parts for cleaning and hygiene, etc. are other components of this part of the building. Chaleshtor Bath has now been turned into a museum, despite the statues and utensils used in the baths.

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