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Fritillaries plain in Koohrang

Koohrang Fritillaries plain with an area of about 3600 hectares is located near the city of Chelgard in Koohrang city in the northwest of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. The Fritillaries, which is called "Gol-e Begrio" in the native dialect, is from the order of lilies.

This flower is rare and unique in the world and consultations are underway to register it in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This tulip grows from the end of April and the beginning of May and this process continues until the end of the rains. So far, 15 species of Fritillaries have been identified in Iran. The Fritillaries also has medicinal uses. The lemon-yellow species of this flower is known as the Zagros tulip. The Fritillaries has a long connection with the history of Iran since ancient times and its sign can be seen in Iranian mythological stories. This flower also has a ritual connection with the myth of Siavash and the story of his tragic death, as Ferdowsi wrote in the Shahnameh: "Let his head fall from his head ... so it turned to a Faritillary ". This sad flower and witness of Siavash's mourning in Paveh and Oraman is called "Siavash's tears". The Fritillaries plain of Koohrang in Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province is the habitat and the first and fundamental birthplace of this unique flower, which today is one of the 20 national natural monuments that are under the protection of the Environment Organization of Iran. The vegetation of the Fritillaries plain can be Gon, Daphne, Kuma, Laleh and Tangz. Among the animal cover of the Fritillaries plain, animals such as partridge, partridge, whole, goat, brown bear, raven, yellow and red tip can be seen. Koohrang Fritillaries plain is one of the most important and beautiful attractions of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province and has attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign visitors.



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