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Zaman Khan Bridge

Zaman Khan bridge is located in Saman city, 22 km north of Shahrekord, the capital of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province.

This bridge, which was built on the Zayandeh River by the order of Zaman Khan, one of the commanders of the Qashqai tribe, is 30 meters long and 12 meters high, and in the past it was used for the passage of Qashqai tribes and nomads.
The historical bridge of Zaman Khan has two trunk spans and is built on three natural stone foundations. This building has been renovated 3 times in different periods. It was restored once by the Safavid government and twice by the Khans of the Beygi tribe. In the last renovation of the building, a stone wall was added to increase its strength. The structure of Zaman Khan Bridge is very similar to the bridges of the Sassanid era. Some people consider this bridge similar to Dez bridge in Dezful city. The materials used in the construction of Zaman Khan Bridge are bricks and the use of multiplicative arches, plaster mortar and mortar is the main factor in the strength and stability of this bridge.
On the other hand, the rock on which the bridge was built has the role of a breakwater so that the force from the Zayandeh River water does not damage the bridge. Bridge structural engineering is remarkable even today. The middle base of the historic Zaman Khan Bridge has an arched position with a rotation of 30 degrees to the water flow, and a small valve has been built to reduce weight and prevent the bridge from slipping.
The location of Zaman Khan Bridge on the waters of Zayandeh River and the presence of eye-catching natural landscapes and gardens around it, has turned this region into one of the tourist hubs of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, where you can experience memorable moments and record beautiful memories.



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