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Ezhdeha peykar castle

Ezhdeha peykar castle is related to the Sassanid period. This historical castle is located in Lar city of Fars province. Ezhdeha peykar castle le is built on a high hill on the north side of the city, 700 meters long and 170 meters wide.

It can be said that the use of this castle in the pre-Islamic period was residential. The reason for naming Ezhdeha peykar castle is that this castle is in the shape of a dragon and is known by this name, on top of the castle there are old mansions such as mosque, bath, crypt, well, tomb, dolab and water storage. Due to the fact that a lot of information about the history of this castle is not in the hands of archaeologists and researchers, many legends have been told about Tin Castle. One of these legends suggests that there was a deep well in this place where the greatest treasure of the world was hidden. This historical monument consists of three parts: the middle stone wall, the upper and middle castle. Except for the upper castle and the famous building of Nader Shah's mother, the rest of the castle has been destroyed. The materials used in this building are stone and mortar and the inside is made of several arches. The Lar oil mill is a place for slaughtering livestock and taking oil, which is known as Asar khaneh. Earrings are used to strengthen the circular domes of Lar Ezhdeha peykar Castle. In addition to the use of columns as a roof protector in the rooms, the hills and the unevenness of the adjacent lands indicate the buildings that surround the palace. At present, the castle is not in a state of disrepair due to lack of reconstruction and attention. At present, nothing is left of it except a famous well and a few clay and mud walls.

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