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Mazandaran province


Mazandaran province which has the city of Sari in its center, is in northern Iran and on the southern shores of the Caspian Sea. This province is one of the most populous provinces in Iran and shares borders with Golestan, Semnan, Tehran, Alborz, Qazvin and Gilan provinces. The largest and most populous city of Mazandaran province is the city of Sari, which is about 6000 years old, also the most populous county of Mazandaran province is Babol with a population of more than 530 thousand people. Damavand Peak which is the highest mountain in Iran and the highest volcano in Asia and the Middle East is in Mazandaran, in the city of Amol. This province is one of the most populous regions of Iran in terms of population density.
This province is one of the most populous provinces in Iran and shares borders with Golestan, Semnan, Tehran, Alborz, Qazvin and Gilan provinces. Mazandaran province has 22 cities. Amol, Babol, Babolsar, Behshahr, Chalous, Mahmudabad, Neka, Noor, Nowshahr, Ghaemshahr, Ramsar, Sari, Savadkuh and Tonekabon are among the cities of Mazandaran. The people of Mazandaran speak Mazandaran or Tabari and Persian. In Behshahr, Tonekabon, Sari and Qaemshahr and the villages of Neka, Turks and Azeris live. The Kurds and Leks live in the village of Chahar Qala in Behshahr. The Lors also live in Sari and Noor, the Kurds in Sari, the village of Rine Amol (Larijan), Noor, Nowshahr and Tonekabon. Arabs also live in Behshahr and Babylon.
Mazandaran has a wide range of delicious foods in different regions. Pomegranate and pomegranate paste play a special role in the food of this province. some of the local dishes of Mazandaran are: Mazandaran sour chicken, which is different from Gilan sour chicken and uses local vegetables and walnuts in its preparation, pumpkin soup, kui pla or pumplin and rice, which are very popular among Mazandaranis, pomegranate garlic stew, beijibij which is a combination of Chopped meat, onion, potato and tomato are prepared. Alu Mosma with Mazandaran plum, Aghuz Mosma, Baqala Wabij and Kadovireh. The celebration of Tirgan in Amol, the celebration of Barfuchal, the celebration of Lucho wrestling are some of the customs of different cities of Mazandaran. In Kendall, Nowruz ceremony has its own customs; At New Year's Eve - with Istikhara - some children or teenagers are chosen in the family as a joy or welcome. After New Year's Eve, he enters the house with a tray containing the Quran, sweets, greens and a container of water - before the rest - and pours water into the corners of the rooms to start a blessed year for the family.
The presence of clay has led to the flourishing of pottery and earthenware making in Mazandaran. Carpet weaving is also one of the old handicrafts of this province, which is usually accompanied by geometric designs. Jajim weaving with designs of brick, Panjei, four flowers, etc., needlework, felt weaving, mat weaving, shamd and bedsheets, inlay, traditional dyeing and printing, ceramics, etc. are among the other lush handicrafts of this province.
Sohan Kanjadi or Poshtizik is one of the delicious foods of this province. The local clothes of Mazandaran are completely covered and attractive, and happy and beautiful colors of nature are used in them. Although the use of local clothes is decreasing, but it is still common in some areas and among the inhabitants of this land. Shaliteh or Charkhi of trousers, Tambun Ghomboli, Tange Temban or Pashmbal Strait, Nim Saq, Jomeh, Nimtaneh, Kalijeh and Chador Shoo ,the women's cap and Charqad, Mendel, Mendel and Gisband or Mobaf are the women's cap. Women's slippers also include socks, galoshes, leggings and patoes. Men's tunics consist of jomeh or clothes, trousers or tuman or wool, chokht-qoba or kulak, alijeh or sardari, labadeh, shula, bushluq and postak. Felt hats, earmuffs, hat covers, hats, stonemason hats and Mendel hats are used for men. Men's shoes also include: Jarb, Koosh, Sheikhi Koosh and Charoogh.
Tourism attraction
Mazichal village in Kelardasht, Namak Abroud in Chalous, Choret or Miansheh Lake in Sari, Abpari waterfall in Noor, Nova village in Larijan, Azo plain in Kelardasht, Rash forest in Sari and Javaherdeh village in Ramsar, Badab Surat mineral springs, Abbasabad Palace, Philband village, Versak bridge, Daryasar plain, Kendallus village, Elimalat lake, Sisangan forest park, Miankaleh wetland, Alimestan forest, etc. are among the famous sights of Mazandaran.

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Lafur Dam

The mixture of color and wind, the brilliance of the sun reflection on the water, the peace of the endless greenery of the trees belonging to the Hyrcanian forests: all these beauties are gathered in Lafur Dam (Alborz). In Savadkuh (Mazandaran province), a lake that came to existence due to the construction of the dam has created an environment that cannot be found anywhere else. As you know, the north of Iran is a rich source of flora and fauna; you will witness unique and wonderful landscapes due to sufficient rainfall and fertile soil.

The dam and its natural-biological features

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Badab soort

Badab Soort stepped springs

Badab Soort stepped springs are located on the border between Semnan and Sari. These badabs which are one of the most popular and beautiful places in Kiasar, include several springs with completely different waters in terms of color, smell, taste and volume of water.

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