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Fahadan neighborhood

Fahadan neighborhood in Yazd is one of the oldest neighborhoods of this city with narrow winding mud brick alleys. This neighborhood is surrounded by Zangian neighborhood from the north, Bazar neighborhood from the south, Kushk-e No neighborhood from the west and Imam Khomeini and Malmir streets from the east. luxurious and old historical houses in Fahadan neighborhood of Yazd province shows that this neighborhood was inhabited by the upper-class in the past and was very important for influential and rich people. About the meaning of its name, it can be said that, this neighborhood has been the residence of nobles and dignitaries of the city, so it has become known as Fahadan.

Fahadan is derived from the word Fahd, which literally means wise and knowledgeable. In addition, the word Fahd also means cheetah and many old residents of Yazd call this neighborhood Jungle or Yuzdaran( Cheetah keepers). There are several narrations in this regard. As Sultan Qutbuddin, the ruler of Yazd, was said to be very interested in keeping cheetahs, he had created a suitable environment for keeping cheetahs in Fahadan neighborhood of Yazd by creating large jungle-like gardens. For this reason, fences were built around Fahadan neighborhood to separate it from other areas of the city.


Due to its antiquity and significance, Fahadan neighborhood of Yazd has very beautiful and noticeable tourist attractions. Among the most important historical attractions of this neighborhood, we can mention Lari House, Alexander Prison, the Tomb of the Twelve Imams, Abu al-Ma'ali Bath, the Museum of Coins and Anthropology, etc. To visit Fahadan neighborhood and other tourist attractions of Yazd province, you can join Persian trips tourism group.



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