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West azarbaijan province


West Azerbaijan province with 43,660 km (including the area of Urmia Lake ) is located in the northwest of our country "Iran". Majority of the province's inhabitants are Turks, who usually live in the central, north and southeast plains of Vakrad in the high, western and southern parts of the province. A small number of Christian, Armenian, Assyrian and Zoroastrian minorities live in West Azerbaijan. The majority of the people in the province speak Azeri Turkish. Kurdish. Armenian and Assyrian are other common languages in West Azerbaijan.
West Azerbaijan province with 43,660 km (including the area of Lake Urmia) and in the northwest of our country "Iran" which is bordered by three countries of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iraq from the north and east and by Kurdistan province in the south and by Zanjan province in southwest and by Azerbaijan province in the east. Its center is the beautiful city of Urmia. West Azerbaijan province has 17 cities, 36 districts, 36 counties, 109 villages and 3728 small villages and its center is the historical city of Urmia. This province, including Lake Urmia, has an area of 43.660 square kilometers. This province is located in northwestern Iran and forms 2.25 percent of the total area.
The diversity of ethnicities and religions has led to the variety of the customs in West Azerbaijan. The people of this province celebrate Chaharshanbe Souri (the last Wednesday of the year) in a very glorious way. This day, especially in the villages, has special traditions, among which we can mention shawl Andazi. In this ceremony, young people go to the roofs of acquaintances' houses and hang handkerchiefs from the window. The house owner fills the napkin with nuts and fruits and prays for the young. Another tradition is Tafal zani on this day, in which the women stand in the far corners, put a key under their feet and start fortune-telling for the people who pass by. Urmia has a famous street food called Yeralma Kebab, which can be found in various stalls and shops. This dish is prepared with baked potatoes, boiled eggs and local vegetables.
West Azerbaijan has a variety of souvenirs. Carrot and walnut halva are the most famous souvenirs of the province, especially Urmia. Bastakh or Luzanak is another famous pastry in the city that is prepared on the basis of starch. The honey and sunflower seeds of this region are also of high quality and are known as souvenirs. Different types of distillates, especially pussy willow and Dracocephalum, are well known. Carpet and kilim weaving is common in most cities of West Azerbaijan and is one of the famous handicrafts of this city. Woodcarving and wooden statue making are also among the handicrafts of this province. Ruduzi (an art similar to needlework but made of silk threads), traditional printing and pottery are also known as part of the arts and handicrafts of this province.
Tourism attraction
Extensive fertile mountains, high mountains, mild and healthy weather, watery rivers, fertile vineyards, orchards full of various fruits, lush pastures and forests, plains and valleys full of wild flowers and azure lake made this place one of the most beautiful and pleasant regions of Iran. West Azerbaijan is the second most water-rich province of the country. There are 23 permanent and seasonal rivers in West Azarbaijan province, the most important of which are Simineh River, Zarrineh River, Vogdar Chai, Mahabad River, Baranduz Chai, Shahrchai Urmia, Zola Chai Vazab Kuchak, etc.

Tomb of Shams Tabrizi

Shams Tabrizi tomb is one of the most beautiful and effective buildings in attracting domestic and foreign tourists to Khoy city, which is located a few dozen kilometers from the Turkey border. This mausoleum consists of a court and a 17-meter minaret that has lasted for 700 years (the only remnant of 3 minarets). There is still doubt in attributing this place to Shams Tabrizi, but the reliable documents of Turkish and Iranian sources leave no doubt.

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Basaltic Prisms

In the farthest northwestern part of Iran along the border with Turkey, 25 km from Maku city (West Azerbaijan province), there is a natural phenomenon resulting from the internal activities of the earth that amazes the eyes of every viewer.

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Se gonbad dome Urmia

Se gonbad tower Urmia is one of the memorial tower located in the southeast of Urmia, the capital of West Azerbaijan province. This tower is one of the most significant tourist attractions of Urmia, which you can visit with the tours of Persian trips Tourism group.

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