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Laton Waterfall

Just in the middle of the infinite greenery of Gilan province forests and in the coolness of the flowing rivers, the highest waterfall in Iran flows with a height of 105 meters.

Laton waterfall (Barzav) originates from the Spinas mountains (Alborz mountain range), then flows into the Lavandevil river and finally enters the Caspian sea.To describe the greatness and glory of this waterfall, it should be noted that it can be seen from a distance of 500 meters.


Where is Laton waterFall?

If you move 15 kilometers southwest from Astara, you will reach the small but beautiful town of Lavandevil. Around this city, there is Kute Kume village, where Laton waterfall flows in this village forest. Of course, you should know that the village distance to the waterfall itself is 60 kilometers away, equivalent to 4 hours of walking. Along this route, you will see the pure beauty of nature. Seeing plum, hazelnut, apple, pear, Quince and walnut trees on the way to the waterfall is only part of the pleasure of traveling to Laton.


its surroundings

After reaching the destination, in addition to the Laton waterfall, at a distance of 10 meters, there is another beautiful waterfall with a height of 65 meters. If you rock climb to the source of Laton waterfall, three water-filled ponds along with three 10-meter waterfalls will provide the water required by Laton. If you plan to stay, beautiful pavilions have been built at the bottom of the waterfall to accommodate travelers.


The incredibly beautiful route, the amazing destination, the silence of the forest and the pleasant sound of water falling from the Laton waterfall are all calling you. Prepare your things for the trip!!



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