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Choghakhor lagoon

Choghakhor lagoon

Choghakhor lagoon is located in the eastern part of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province in Borujen city. This wetland with an area of 2300 km is located at an altitude of 2100 meters in the Central Zagros and at the hillside of Mount Kelar.

The depth of this protected and international wetland is less than 3 meters. Choghakhor water is supplied from springs such as Sibak, Zordegan, Tang-e Siah, etc. The unique characteristics of the lagoon have led to the growth of various plant and animal species such as rare and beautiful fish and birds in this place. This wetland is one of the 105 most important wetlands in the country for waterfowl and one of the most important bird watching areas in Iran. Among the birds of Choghakhor International Lagoon, we can mention species such as anchovies, flamingos, geese, ducks, white storks, large white-headed gulls, and Salim. In addition, species such as Changar, Heron, Swan, Kashim, Cormorant, Gypsy Rooster, Kakai, etc. are also live in this lagoon. The presence of these birds has attracted bird watching enthusiasts to this area. Animals such as foxes, hogs, jackals, rabbits, wolves, otters, water turtles, beetles, etc. are inhabitant of this lagoon. Among the fish that live in this lagoon, we can name zebrafish, gambosia, phytophagous, bighead, red fish, etc. Choghakhor lagoon is located in the mountainous and Turani part of the vegetation region in terms of plant geography of Iran, but the vegetation of the wetland and its surroundings is affected by the hydrological system of the wetland and has aquatic and wetland plants. In general, Choghakhor lagoon is one of the most beautiful wetlands in Iran and despite the numerous plant species, rare and beautiful birds and landscapes of the surrounding highlands is one of the most eye-catching attractions in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province.

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